About Us

For all your decoration, furnishing, packaging and manufacturing needs Super Formica and Lamination Limited has just the product. Since its formation in 1995, SFLL has produced high quality board, plywood and door materials within its plus 498 decimal facility.

Eco-friendly, affordable and a better alternative to wood these boards are just the solution for all developers, interior decorators, furniture manufactures etc. Using the very best quality of foreign imported raw materials and the dexterity of around 400 employees, SBML is committed to bring these products into both local and foreign markets.

Board of Directors

Mrs. Laila Bilkis

Chairman, T.K. Group

M.A. Kalam

Managing Director, T.K. Group

Mrs. Khaleda Begum

Director, T.K. Group

Mrs. Farhana Afroze

Director, T.K. Group



Group Director, T.K. Group

Mahfuzur Rahman

Director, T.K. Group

Khorshedul Alam

Director,P &T,T.K Group

Mohammad Mofassel Haque

Director – Marketing, T.K. Group

Shafiul Ather Taslim

Director, Operation and Finance , T.K. Group