Super Board is a leading manufacture of high quality Plywood. The ‘Super Board Ply’ range is made from the fnest grade timber and goes through a stringent 5 step process, making it termite and borer resistant. Beside the cold and hot press process and the post resin treatment, Super Board Ply’s tenderizing is an in-house patented process. Made from 100% soft wood/hard wood we have high dimensional stability and keep our Plywood 100% warp free. Ranging from 3 plies to more, we have Plywood of different thickness to meet the needs of our customers.

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Plywood African Teak

Plywood Amble Teak

Plywood American Charry

Plywood Beech

Plywood Black Chapeli

Plywood Brown Gorjon

Plywood Burma Teak

Plywood Burma Teak Apple

Plywood Burma Teak Crown Elite

Plywood Burma Teak Lime

Plywood Burma Teak Shady Grain

Plywood California Ebony

Plywood Cham Gold

Plywood Coconut Brown

Plywood Commercial

Plywood Crown Oak

Plywood Crown Teak

Plywood Curly Teak

Plywood Eastern Teak

Plywood Fictional

Plywood Golden Teak

Plywood Gorjon

Plywood Mehogony Crown

Plywood Nat Chaple

Plywood Ornate Teak

Plywood Pine

Plywood Rational

Plywood Recon

Plywood Red Oak 45

Plywood Redoak

Plywood Royal Crown Teak

Plywood Super Aline

Plywood Super Chestnut

Plywood Super Teak

Plywood Swiss Walnut

Plywood Teak Champ